Wm draw determines dfb quarters

Wm draw determines dfb quarters

The national team’s search for accommodation is particularly explosive because of the long travel distances and the extreme climate. According to dpa information, national coach joachim low has blocked two desired options and reserved another hotel as a substitute.

However, a decision on the german world cup host city will not be made until shortly after the group draw on december 6 in salvador. December in salvador. The DFB team’s three first-round venues will then be crucial, with seven different combinations possible as group headers.

If germany is drawn into group D, E or G, everything speaks in favor of a world cup quarter in warm climes in the north of the country – in the vicinity of the venue salvador. As the head of group C, F or H, on the other hand, a headquarters would make sense in the climatically temperate interior of the country or in the metropolitan region of sao paulo. In group B, germany had to go to salvador (humid and hot), rio de janeiro (temperate) and curitiba (cool) and thus had three different weather zones.

Before the 2010 world cup, low had chosen a hotel in the vicinity of pretoria early on in order to take advantage of the high costs, regardless of the cold there. Five of the seven games were played in the warmer coastal cities of durban, port elizabeth and cape town.

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