Bjorn hocke divides forchheim

Bjorn hocke divides forchheim

Like a divisive mushroom, afd top politician bjorn hocke divided the city of forchheim into two camps on wednesday evening. They disparaged each other as "nazis" and "racists, as a "leftist fool’s hem" and "red-green crude monkeys".

According to the police, 200 afd supporters and 1000 participants of a counter-demonstration stood against each other in an unpleasant confrontation. To this had a union from among other things the forchheimer bundnis "bunt instead of brown" as well as the "alliance against extremism of all kinds accessed.

The opponent on the other side flattered recognizably the self-image of both groups. "We are the majority of society", said ludwig preusch from "colorful instead of brown – and meant: we are the ones who defend europe and a humanitarian refugee policy.

"Germany is going to the dogs

Even more existentially dependent on an opponent is the afd. "If at some point no more counter-demonstrators come, we have done something wrong", said georg hock.
Lichtenfelser, who is one of the founding members of the afd in upper franconia and is currently the only upper franconian to sit on the executive committee of the bavarian afd, led the party event organized by the district association of forchheim on wednesday.

Even five years after its founding, the afd’s success is still fed by the apparently stimulating feeling of defending the fatherland against a majority oblivious to reality, despite all hostility.

The afd is a cult of heroic outsiderness staged on the sidelines. Therefore hock also announced bjorn hocke as eternally misunderstood and misquoted. Therefore dominik pflaum referred in his speech to none other than the founder of religion martin luther. Like luther, he stands here in the face of manifold state failures and can’t help himself: "I can’t watch any more how our germany is going to the dogs, said the chairman of the afd district association forchheim.

Pflaum spoke of "old parties" in a cutting voice, the "reign of injustice and the "self-destruction of our culture". Pflaum’s speech, which was filled with aphorisms by holderlin and other classics from the treasure trove of quotations from the city of education, was very much in the tradition of hocke and hocke. "I am friends with georg hock and get advice from him", pflaum told this newspaper.

In turn, hock praised the forchheim district chairman for his courage in inviting hocke to forchheim in the first place. Like hocke, hocke was also one of the signatories of the "erfurt resolution", the afd is to be committed to a national conservative course. "Hocke is one of our party’s hopefuls", said hock.

Of wolves and sheep

Hocke offered his audience in forchheim a best-of of his in countless appearances tested guarantors for cheering and "hocke, hocke"-cries: the scornful attacks on the "despot in the chancellor’s office"; the indignant lament about the spelling reform and the wounds it has torn in the linguistic consciousness of germans; the parable-like end-time fantasy of wolfish migrants attacking germans who have been reeducated into sheep.

Kubel full of hame schuttete hocke uber heinrich bedford-strohm aus. Only a few days ago, at the funeral service, the chairman of the council of the protestant church had praised the refugee policy commitment of the student sofia L. Condemned. "Maybe she would still be alive if she had lived out of the mistrust", said bedford-strohm, and then asked: "but would that have been the better life??" In forchheim, hocke got excited about the "perverted belief" a "hobby-politician and attested to bedford-strohm’s "arrival at the final stage of intellectual neglect of prosperity" to be.

Politically, hocke must still be taken seriously despite such polemics, which extend into the realm of cabaret: it is precisely his "solidary patriotism", which he also expressed in forchheim, that must be taken seriously the combination of identity and social policy outlined above was able to anchor the afd as a new social protection force in traditionally left-wing milieus.
At the end, hacker, hock and pflaum belted out the third verse of the german national anthem on the open stage. "Germany, that’s not you, the demonstrators shouted in their proudly glowing faces.

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