U.s. Secretary of state kerry breaks a leg on a bicycle tour

u.s. secretary of state kerry breaks a leg on a bicycle tour

U.S. Secretary of state john kerry broke his right femur on a bike ride in france. He is "in good spirits," and doctors are expecting a full recovery, agency spokesman john kirby announced in washington.

However, the minister regrets that he will now have to change his travel plans. According to the report, kerry had planned to travel to madrid on sunday afternoon and then on to paris. Instead, he spent the morning in the university hospital in geneva. He was to be flown to massachusetts general hospital in the u.S. City of boston the same day for further treatment.

The 71-year-old is a passionate cyclist and wanted to get some exercise before his planned departure for madrid. After all, he has rarely had the opportunity to do this since he took over as U.S. Chief diplomat from hillary clinton at the beginning of 2013. In the meantime, he has visited 63 countries, spending 356 days on the road, as the "new york times" reported, citing the u.S. Aube office.

Kerry died in an accident near the french city of scionzier on sunday, after talks the day before in geneva with iranian eaves minister mohammed javad sarif on the planned agreement to limit tehran’s nuclear program.

According to the "new york times," he fell after hitting a curb with one tire. He was, however, always conscious, as kirby assured us. A paramedic and a doctor were in kerry’s convoy, which accompanied the bicycling minister, and were therefore directly on the scene at the time of the accident.

According to kirby, kerry was then taken by helicopter to the university hospital in geneva, where he was initially examined. Because he injured himself near the site of a previous hoof operation, he will be taken to boston: there he can be treated by the surgeon who performed the hoof operation.

Although kerry will not be able to jet abroad for some time, this does not mean that he will not be at work. So wants to join the meeting of foreign ministers in paris on tuesday via video, where the fight against the terrorist militia islamic state is being discussed.

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