Hacker on the open letter: this is “sheer nonsense

Only on monday, and thus well after the city council and the press, as he suspects, did mayor german hacker (SPD) receive the open letter addressed to him by the citizens' initiative "pro aurachtalbahn" receive. Nevertheless, the city leader responds to a few passages that are "pure nonsense" be. Some simply claim the opposite of the facts.

Clear city council decision

Example "lack of understanding of democracy": before the city council decision, there had been a clear ruling by the municipal supervisory authority. And there was a clear majority of the city council, which followed the concluding arguments. It's not about the fact that he, as mayor, has classified the citizens' petition as inadmissible, says hacker.

Outstanding budget

Example of cost increase: nowadays it is possible "everywhere and all the time" become a little more expensive, even building a kindergarten. And "everything can fail because of the costs in this country", hacker states. The fact that there are allegedly more and more indications that a city-circumferential railroad (stub) could specifically fail in the city of erlangen because of the costs is "sheer nonsense". Erlangen has had an excellent budget for years. Simply the opposite of the assertion was factual.

There can only be one

Example "empty hand": reactivation of the railroad up to erlangen station is definitely not possible, it would only be possible via a stub on a new route. This is also seen as much more efficient than an aurach valley railway. The state of bavaria can only demand one of the two alternatives. Hacker also dismissed this accusation as "pure nonsense" from. In addition, many mayors from the east of erlangen had recognized the opportunity of a stub. This, too, is a clear sign that "we have done the right thing."

Example siemens campus: mayor hacker also considers this argument absurd. Because you will not get there with the S-bahn, but alone with the stub.

Concerns are being voiced

In general, hacker refers to the zoning procedure. There all concerns and comments could be brought forward. "This will be checked", says the mayor of herzogenaurach. And this is done by the government of central franconia, i.E. An absolutely neutral body.

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