Prunksitzung heiligenstadt: environment minister thorsten glauber receives gold snail award

"It’s fantastic what the city snails are doing here. I am thrilled", said reinhard dolfel, chairman of the board of the local raiffeisenbank, and applauded eagerly. Last saturday, the oertelscheune was once again full to capacity, because the carnival club "die heiligen stadtschnecken" (the holy city snails) had a big party had invited to the carnival session and prepared an entertaining program for the many guests.

This year again, president and club chairman thomas weib and deputy chairwoman manu muller led the audience professionally and cordially through the varied program. The association also celebrated its eleventh anniversary.

At the beginning the presenters introduced the new margrave couple: philipp weib the first from the red thorn and annika stengel the first from the muhlengrund with her lady of the court lydia weib. The new margrave not only thanked the margrave guards for their dance, but also danced with them. Afterwards there was a dance with his margravine. Rough applause received the snail dwarfs, who showed their dance skills as trolls.

Gold snail for the minister

Every year the carnival club awards a golden snail to special people. Last year, the CSU member of the state parliament holger dremel received the award; this year, environment minister thorsten glauber () received the award.

Court jester albin hertling buried glauber and reminded him that they had both built a mortuary together before: glauber was the architect, hertling the metalworker. "Besides, we were both in the state parliament. You as a deputy, me as a court jester. You are now a minister. Let’s see how it goes with my career", joked hertling.

Holger dremel delivered a laudatory speech for thorsten glauber: "you stand out with your fashion sense and brash appearance", said dremel. Especially glauber is known for his colorful socks. The minister of the environment took the opportunity to show off his grun socks.

He thanked for the award and said that he feels really well in heiligenstadt, because his father also played soccer here "and I flew around very early on your soccer field." He invited the "holy city snails" invited to the foolish thursday in munich. Then holger dremel and thorsten glauber were allowed to dance in the tutu macarena with the star snails.

Earlier, the snails and the guard had already presented their dance. And also the dance duo sola, that are sofia kasperlein and lara vogel, and the dance mariechen chantal wicher had shown their gross konnen.

Court jester albin looks back

Mia handwerger and melina potzel discussed in their sketch how long it might have taken until rome was built: "one night, because rome was not built in one day"." Court jester albin hertling looked back on the past eleven years and the wohlmutshuller village snitters helped burglars look for money in their apartment.

"Uschi" build fire station

The senators of the association received medals. The stage turned pink when the uschis from uschi-bau, the construction company with a heart, performed. The ladies quickly laid the broadband and built a – somewhat crooked – fire station and still had time to sing. Things got heated when the margrave’s guard performed a burlesque show dance. The versatile margrave philipp sang as andreas gabalier a medley of his songs.

This year the jesters made a journey through famous songs from musicals. At the end of the prunksitzung there was dancing on the stage until after midnight and the members of the club were satisfied with the successful evening.

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