From schweinfurt to the nhl

From schweinfurt to the nhl

In what was probably the most important moment of his young career, germany's youngest field hockey hopeful dominik bokk played it cool. The head of the st. Louis blues had announced the name of the 18-year-old at the nhl draft show in dallas. And what did bokk? The man from schweinfurt – dressed in a stylish dark blue suit with bow tie and pocketkerchief – continued to chew his chewing gum in a casual manner for all to see, while his parents congratulated him.

Even on the rough stage, after he had put on the blues shirt with the number 18 and the basecap with the club logo, there was no sign of excitement in his broad grin. At the same time bokk had just been promoted to an elite circle. The native of schweinfurt, who until his 15. Who had played for all of ERV's youth teams before the age of 18, was only the sixth german to be drafted in the first round of the NHL's elite league talent showcase, which is always spectacular: after orest romashyna (1963/nr. 3), olaf kolzig (1989/19), current national team coach marco sturm (1996/ 21), marcel goc (2010/20) and leon draisaitl (2014/3).

The blues drafted him to 25. Place. "I knew they wanted me. A dream come true. It is a great feeling", said bokk, who can now seriously dream of a career in the world's best ice hockey league. The blues deal with the toronto maple leafs to sign bokk. In addition, 18-year-old goalkeeper alexis gravel (162. Job/chicago blackhawks) and the 17-year-old justin schutz (170./florida panthers) as two more german young players selected, albeit late in the sixth draft round.

Sweden continues for the time being?

Bokk in particular is predicted to have a promising career. After the youth years in schweinfurt and with the kolner sharks, he had moved to sweden to vaxjo lakers HC in 2017. In their U18 team, he impressed in the past season with 41 scorer points in 35 games. However, it remains to be seen whether the goal scorer king of the 2017 U18 world cup will go to the U.S. As early as this summer. "The NHL is my goal, of course, but I don't want to overdo it. I want to establish myself in the professional team of the lakers", said bokk, and he hinted at staying in sweden for a while. A new era also begins for germany's national keeper philipp grubauer. The stanley cup winner was traded to the colorado avalanche on friday after six years with the washington capitals. There, the 26-year-old rosenheimer finally has a chance to play as number 1 in the NHL. With the denver-based team, grubauer received a three-year contract. In the past season, he impressed with a catch rate of 92.3 percent and a goals-against average of 2.35 in the regular season. 

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