Bittenbrunn is now running as a “free” candidate: csu local association konigsberg has nominated

Bittenbrunn is now running as a 'free' candidate: csu local association konigsberg has nominated

The nomination meeting of the konigsberg CSU local association for the 2020 city council elections went off without a hitch on thursday evening at the schutzenhaus in unfinden. The greeting of the participants, among them also district administrator wilhelm schneider and mayor claus bittenbrunn, was in the hands of chairman stefanie humpfner, who was pleased at the beginning that all 16 candidates and the substitute of the list had come to the meeting. "A strong signal" for a broad list, on which the three mayors of the still running election period, three women and candidates from almost all konigsberg districts are represented.

The goal for 2020 is to maintain the current number of seven city council members and to provide the mayor. For the mayoral candidacy had declared in advance the party-less and independent bittenbrunn ready. In his brief opening remarks, district administrator wilhelm schneider introduced him as a consistent politician who has done excellent work at grassroots level.

Unanimous vote

Bittenbrunn was then officially proposed as the CSU’s candidate for mayor by the current second mayor of the city of konigsberg alexander krauser (CSU). Bittenbrunn himself introduced himself to the meeting participants and began by pointing out what had been achieved during his term of office in konigsberg and its districts and what should be tackled and completed in the future. About himself he said: "i live what i present here".

Since there were no opposing candidates, bittenbrunn was unanimously elected as the CSU’s candidate for the mayoral election on 15 june in a secret ballot conducted by district administrator schneider. Marz 2020 elected. Bittenbrunn accepted the election: "I like to run for the CSU and I am glad that you support me."

Projects for 2020 presented

Information was also provided about the goals of the CSU for the next election period. Thus, the village renewal surveys underway in the urban area are to be continued and completed as soon as possible.

For hellingen is to apply for an appropriate village renewal approval, especially with regard to the village thoroughfare road. Many minor and major problems had to be dealt with together with the burghers in all parts of the city.

Other priorities are road renovations in konigsberg, such as on schlobsteige, romershofer weg and thomas-klingg-steige, as well as improving the accessibility of the old town pavement.

The general rehabilitation of sewer and water supply lines in the city’s residential area must be tackled.

The school renovation, for which there is already a demand promise, is to be carried out. The wet rooms of the gymnasium are also in urgent need of refurbishment.

The new building area obere muhle 2 with 17 building sites will be developed from 2020, and further building sites in many parts of the village are in the planning stage.

Renewable energies, climate protection and nature conservation are to be worked out in the city’s future planning by a working group.

The local heat supply in unfinden will be the most urgent mabnahme."We don’t need any prestige objects in our city. In the first place, we must realize projects according to their necessity, for the benefit of all citizens", so the principle. The list of candidates for the city council election and the substitute candidate were also voted on by secret ballot. The list was also adopted without a dissenting vote. That on this list of candidates is the mayoral candidate bittenbrunn on the first place, is not unusual. This is now often done as a safeguard in elections in the fells, where the mayoral candidate has an opposing candidate in the election – which is the case in konigsberg. The votes he receives in the election will, if he is elected, benefit the list on which he is running.

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