The main valley is threatened by “obliteration

Agriculture in particular is the victim of increasing “obliteration” – the term was brought into the debate by hallstadt farmer erhard pflaum – of the main valley. The damage caused annually by gray, canadian and recently also nile geese is in the tens of thousands of euros, if not already a six-figure sum is under discussion.

The farmers’ association is therefore calling for countermeasures to control the plague, which, according to economists, mainly results from renaturation measures at dredging lakes and for the “franken river paradise” result. This provides ideal living conditions for the feathered cattle. To get a picture of the situation, local politicians, hunters and hunt leaseholders, representatives of the authorities, bird conservationists and, of course, farmers met with mdl heinrich rudrof on the main river at the invitation of oberhaider burgermeister carsten joneitis (SPD). The ganse, who were still there in the morning, had apparently become suspicious and retreated to an island in the quarry pond in the direction of dorfleins.

Nevertheless, about 50 animals could be seen in the distance. “They go up and down the main a little bit”, explained andreas klarmann, and farmer roland reh called for the firing to be released in february as well. Still shortly before threshing the goose fraben the ears of the grain fields off. And the hallstadter gemusebauer hubert long spoke of “3000 euro damage in an evening”, what makes cultivation no longer worthwhile. In the case of erhard pflaum, two and a half hectares of rapeseed were completely eaten away, and the following year the winter barley was also eaten away in the same place: “that was damage of 3,000 euros twice.” also corn plucked the animal at the beginning of the growth completely out. Pflaum therefore called for a restriction of the breeding areas, especially in the renaturation zones.

Heinrich stocklein from dorfleins schlieblich had in his weibkraut-acker over 10 000 euro damage, which were refunded by nobody. District hunting advisor hans-joachim rost also saw a “clear increase” in the number of game birds. If the damage continues to increase, there is the possibility of shortening the closed season, so that hunting could take place from august to january, perhaps even in february. Each “flight of the whole must “notice”, that danger existed, then the areas were also avoided.

Requests had to be made, however, the damaged places. The chairman of the hegegemeinschaft baunach, weigler, demanded in addition regulations between concerned and district leaseholders. The bejagung should be organized similarly as with the kormoranen. The head of the lower hunting authority at the bamberg district office, jurgen reinwald, also saw "considerable damage" through the three ganse.

But what does the farmers’ association say?? The bamberger circle chairman heiner faatz buried expressively the variety of species in nature, but: "we do not feel any goodwill for masses of animals, which bring the natural equilibrium into the shaking." The goose multiplied so strongly that they are not to be stopped by hunt alone any longer. His habfurt colleague klaus merkel called for "short-term measures and a long-term concept", thereby the exchange of experiences.

"The conditions have changed, the migratory birds have become native", nature conservation could not shirk its responsibilities. The new bamberger district manager werner nutzel announced that he would apply for an extension of the hunting season for the first time. In addition one wants to demand the assumption of the costs for the proofs at the landratsamt. A "round table" should be set up to monitor developments to be formed. "Time is running out", erhard pflaum lent weight to these proposals.

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