President of burkina faso resigns after mass protests

President of burkina faso resigns after mass protests

Compaore called for peace and quiet and stressed that elections would be held within the next 90 days to determine his successor. In the meantime, army chief honore traore wants to drive the official business, reported the station radio france international.

Compaore, who had seized power in 1987, had been the official president of the bitterly poor country since 1991. His whereabouts were initially unclear, but there were reports that he had fled to the south of the country.

After serious unrest, he announced on thursday that he would not seek another term in office and would refrain from a planned constitutional change. However, he had stressed that he wanted to preside over a transitional government until the elections in november 2015.

After that, tens of thousands of angry people gathered again on friday in the capital ouagadougou. In other parts of the country, people also took to the streets. According to eyewitnesses, it remained peaceful. Parts of the military apparently supported the demonstrators.

According to the opposition, at least 30 people were killed and 100 others injured in bloody riots on thursday. The police had fired into the crowd with live ammunition. Burkina faso, with a population of around 17 million, is one of the poorest countries in the world.

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