Compulsory measles vaccination comes into force: what changes now?

Compulsory measles vaccination comes into force: what changes now?

From 1. March compulsory measles vaccination in germany. Not only children, but also some groups of adults have to prove that they are immune to the disease. The regulations in detail:

What is valid for children?

Mandatory vaccination applies to just about everyone – except children under one year of age. When a child enters a daycare center or school, the parents must provide a vaccination from the first day of school. Marz to show junior staff is vaccinated. As a rule, it is sufficient to present the vaccination card. The school or daycare management is responsible for the inspection. For children who are already in an institution or in school, the vaccination certificate must be submitted by 31 march at the latest. July 2021 will be submitted later. A medical certificate is also possible, which either proves that the child has already had measles and is therefore immune. Or that vaccination is not advisable for health reasons.

What happens to parents who do not want to have their children vaccinated??

Then the offspring will not be admitted to the daycare center, otherwise the daycare center management will be threatened with a fine. At school, the situation is different: since school attendance is compulsory in germany, unvaccinated children cannot be excluded from school. However, high fines of up to 2,500 euros can be imposed on parents if they do not comply with the obligation to vaccinate their children. Schools must report such cases to the local health authority, which decides on the further course of action.

For which adults is the vaccination compulsory?

For educators in daycare centers, for teachers, daycare mothers, and for employees in medical and other "community" facilities. Vacation camps or asylum and refugee shelters pay for this. Residents of such institutions must also be vaccinated or prove that they are immune to the virus. Here, too, the transitional period applies until july 2021. Those born before 1970 are exempt from the vaccination requirement because, according to the robert koch institute (RKI), they are considered to be largely immune because they have most likely been through measles. Vaccination was only introduced on a voluntary basis in the federal republic of germany in the 1970s; in the GDR, vaccination against measles had been compulsory since 1970.

How can you prove that you have already had measles?? And what if the vaccination card is gone?

In both cases, a doctor’s certificate helps: either the doctor has noted in the patient’s file that a patient has had measles before and can certify this. Immunity can also be detected and subsequently certified by a blood test. If anticorpers are present, one has either already had measles or has already been vaccinated.

What if affected people repeatedly fail to comply with requests to be vaccinated and bubble money has no effect?? Will then be compulsorily vaccinated?

No. "A compulsory vaccination is not considered in any case", says the federal ministry of health.

Some are afraid of getting sick from the vaccination. What is there?

A measles vaccine contains a live vaccine that contains an attenuated variant of the pathogen. The virus can multiply to a limited extent, but can no longer eradicate measles, says klaus cichutek, president of the paul ehrlich institute. When vaccinated against measles, about 5 to 15 percent of those vaccinated showed a reaction, especially after the first measles immunization, with mabile fever, flushing rash and respiratory symptoms, occasionally accompanied by a measles-like rash. This usually happens in the second week after the vaccination. This reaction is called "vaccine measles. However, these are not contagious and cause only mild symptoms that subside by themselves.

Those who are vaccinated are not only vaccinated against measles, however?

That is correct. According to the authorities, only so-called combination vaccines are currently available for vaccination against measles in germany. The measles vaccination is always given against other diseases at the same time. There is either the triple vaccination "mumps- measles- rubella" or the quadruple vaccination "mumps- measles- rubella- varicella". According to the federal ministry of health, this is recommended by the standing commission on vaccination in order to keep the number of injections in children to a minimum. A combination vaccine is considered no worse overall contractually than a single vaccine.

Why are measles considered so dangerous in the first place??

Infected people have a weakened immune system, which can lead to complications such as inflammation of the middle ear and lungs. Rarely, there are also brain injuries that can be fatal. Measles is not a harmless childhood disease, says RKI. There is one death for every 1000 people who fall ill. Sometimes the disease only leads to death after years, for example in the case of measles brain inflammation SSPE – those who contract measles as infants are particularly at risk.

How many people have been infected with measles in germany this year??

The latest figures from the robert koch institute are from mid-february. Accordingly, the institute pays for 15 new cases for the first five weeks of the year. Most of them come from baden-wurttemberg. In the same period in 2019, there were still 102 infected people.

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