Seblach has a centenary

Whether her healthy honey helped? Hedwig topert, who used to be well-known as a beekeeper in seblach, celebrated her 100th birthday on thursday in the old people's home of the flender'schen spitalstiftung. Birthday. At last year's summer party, director diane alka had given the popular jubilarian the title "bee princess awarded.
On the road to watzendorf, near the water house, topert at times worried about more than 30 bee colonies. "At that time, it was the roughest beekeeping far and wide", remembers her son ralf. The 67-year-old has traveled to the anniversary with his son carsten (26) from bayreuth, where the retired policeman moved years ago for professional reasons. Topert's two granddaughters, kerstin (38) and cornelia (29), also arrived punctually from munich and regensburg to celebrate with their grandmother the 100. To celebrate his birthday.
Actually, topert's husband rudolf had acquired the bee colonies. "But most of the work was done by my mother", says ralf topert. Both son and grandson describe the jubilarian as outgoing and communicative. These characteristics helped her to deliver almost 20 quintals of honey to customers during her heyday. "My father and I had sold only a fraction of it", the junior comments with a smile. Because she did not own a car, not even a driver's license, the beekeeper always walked or biked the distance from the city to the mountain in the direction of watzendorf.
The constant contact with the people of seblach made it easier for the refugee family from bunzlau (silesia) to integrate into their new homeland. By chance, topert's husband rudolf came to dietersdorf from british captivity: his sister grete lived there and thus provided him with the reference address needed for his release. His wife hedwig, whom topert had already married in 1937, was still in the chemnitz area. In 1946, after being traced by the red cross, the young woman fled black with the help of smugglers via gottingen to the west.

A new start in seblach

Topert still talks a lot about the expulsion and her escape today. She also remembers the new start in seblach well. In the krahwinkel the couple settled down. Rudolf had learned the carpenter's trade and found a job at modellbau frerichs, while hedwig took care of the household. "It was a poor and simple but happy life", says the now centenarian looking back. In 1950 her only child ralf was born. Before rudolf topert died in 1998, the couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.
"I'd like to grow old like mrs. Topert", head of the army alka says the centenarian is "astonishingly fit" for her age. Grandma is warm-hearted, says granddaughter cornelia, and she always sees the good in people. His mother did everything for the family, adds ralf topert. Above all, she "lived for the honey". He could not be absent on the special birthday: son ralf hold a folk and had brought his mother her favorite subigkeit as a prasent.
On the occasion of her special day, the jubilarian forgave all appearances of old age to celebrate with her family and guests. "That you are all there", she was amazed when she looked around. Mayor martin mittag (CSU) was among the first to congratulate him. "I didn't think I would get this old", she thanked for the congratulations. 

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