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Spvg eicha raises new hopes

Spvg eicha raises new hopes

In the fight for relegation in the northern league, eicha’s women’s fubball team takes another step toward staying in the league. A win against last-place FFC hof II was more than obligatory if the team was not to lose touch with the non-relegation places. Spvg eicha – FFC hof 2:1 (2:0)

Compared to the previous week, the trachers went this time from the beginning concentrated in the game and put the opponent early under pressure. And they rewarded themselves already in the 9. Minute when julia fellisch scored the opening goal. Youngster marie kalter built the lead in the 19. Minute with her first goal in the women’s division. Eicha dominated the guests from hof until the half-time whistle and allowed very little to happen on the defensive. Fully deserved, the team around player-coach marcella went into the half-time with a 2:0 lead.

In half time 2 came the guests better into the game. Eicha, on the other hand, seemed to be resting on their comfortable lead. Within a short time hof came to several goals and shortened in the 58th minute. Minute to 2:1.

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Wm draw determines dfb quarters

Wm draw determines dfb quarters

The national team’s search for accommodation is particularly explosive because of the long travel distances and the extreme climate. According to dpa information, national coach joachim low has blocked two desired options and reserved another hotel as a substitute.

However, a decision on the german world cup host city will not be made until shortly after the group draw on december 6 in salvador. December in salvador. The DFB team’s three first-round venues will then be crucial, with seven different combinations possible as group headers.

If germany is drawn into group D, E or G, everything speaks in favor of a world cup quarter in warm climes in the north of the country – in the vicinity of the venue salvador. As the head of group C, F or H, on the other hand, a headquarters would make sense in the climatically temperate interior of the country or in the metropolitan region of sao paulo. In group B, germany had to go to salvador (humid and hot), rio de janeiro (temperate) and curitiba (cool) and thus had three different weather zones.

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Impatient motorist causes accident

Impatient motorist causes accident

On tuesday afternoon, a motorist who entered the construction zone at the schlusselfeld junction in the direction of nurnberg on the A 3 had too little patience. Due to his careless behavior he caused an accident in which one person was slightly injured. The three cars involved had to be towed away. Total damage estimated at around 22,000 euros.

Two with the same intention

Around 12 o'clock two drivers wanted to enter the narrowed lane due to construction work. In order to wait for a gap in the convoys of vehicles on the main carriageway, they stopped on the shortened single-file lane and then set off at the same time. The 68-year-old in first position apparently accelerated too slowly for the 43-year-old opel driver behind him. The younger one therefore wanted to overtake, swerved to the left and in doing so overlooked a ford mondeo coming from behind in the left lane.

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Corona default fund planned “as soon as possible

Corona default fund planned

Federal states want to use a fund to help the TV industry financially in the event of corona-related shooting accidents.

A spokeswoman for the state chancellery of north rhine-westphalia, as the lead state, told the deutsche presse-agentur in response to a question: "the intention is to set up a contingency fund as soon as possible, in which a number of countries will make substantial contributions, but also the broadcasters will make a relevant contribution in the event of damage, in order to safeguard the diverse TV production landscape even in times of a pandemic."

The television and production industry has long called for such a contingency fund. It is a question of absorbing costs in the event of a rupture in rotation. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there have been numerous filming stops, some projects have been postponed. Production gradually started up again in summer.

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Friday questions: a spark of boses in everyone

friday questions: a spark of boses in everyone

According to bestselling author and benedictine priest anselm grun, "there is a spark of evil in every human being". In his new book "dem bosen begegnen" ("confronting the bad"), the monk from munsterschwarzach deals with the bad that scares people, unsettles them, but also fascinates them: "each of us knows this, it’s a perpetual battle with ourselves."

Question: father anselm, when was the last time something bad happened to you??

Father anselm grun: nothing bad has happened to me in a long time. There have been people who have said untrue and evil things about me – but I have never met them.

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Anyone can change the world

Do you really need a new cell phone every year?? Do you have to fly thousands of kilometers away on vacation?? Are there also fairly produced fubballe? These questions are the focus of attention this week at the forchheim herder grammar school. The "worldfairanderers" from the youth welfare office of the archdiocese of bamberg are guests.
The project teaches the students about a fair world or environmental protection in work groups. The working conditions of jeans workers in southeast asia, the enormous water consumption of cattle fattening, and the threat of bee mortality.

A sustainable world

Principal ingrid kafferlein believes it is important to inform students at an early stage about how they can make a small contribution to a fair, socially just and sustainable world. "That's why I'm very happy that the project of the archdiocese is a guest here", she says "maybe one of the schoolchildren will get involved in this area later in his professional life. And if this is where it starts, that would be wonderful."
The topic is also important to school spokesman cedric meyer. "We are always trying to put these ideas into practice at school, too," he says, he says "for example, we recently organized a campaign to make as many trips as possible by bike."
The project comes at just the right time to deepen our understanding – for example, of how many rare raw materials are contained in a cell phone and under what cruel working conditions they are sometimes extracted. "You don't always need a new cell phone, says the school spokesman. Regional dean and city pastor martin emge agrees: "my smartphone will soon be eight years old and it works perfectly." He is also pleased that this ecclesiastical theme has now not only arrived in schools, but is present everywhere: "pope francis calls the earth a common house. Just like in a real house, everyone has to take care that it is stable and does not fall into disrepair."
For this reason, the youth office of the archdiocese has also made the topics of sustainability, social justice and fair trade central themes in its youth work. "For me, this is also "living gospel", says youth office director and diozesan youth pastor norbert forster "that's why i'm always happy when the project stops in a new place." The "worldfairanderers are visiting three schools in the archdiocese of bamberg this year
also for the member of the state parliament thorsten glauber (freie wahler) the topic is a heart concern. He drops by the school with a fairly produced and traded soccer ball under his arm. "Surely it's not always easy", he says, "for example, if you sit in an electric car in winter with a pointed hat and gloves so that the battery lasts until you reach your destination." But the contribution of each individual pays.
The people responsible for the project see it in a similar light. It is not important to change one's whole life. "We are not dogmatic, says joachim waidmann, who is in charge of the project as a consultant for the pastoral care of schools at the youth welfare office. But as albert schweizer said: 'the little you can do is a lot', he says.That is also our motto." 

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Messi only a shadow – “ara barca is coming to an end”

Messi only a shadow - 'ara barca is coming to an end'

Hardly any sprints and dribblings, no shots on goal – lionel messi at times stomped around the pitch like a walker. The world footballer, who usually frightens his opponents’ defenses, was only a shadow of his former self in FC barcelona’s 0:4 defeat in munich.

"What happened is a disgrace," the argentinean admitted after the champions league semifinal first leg. "Bayern were much stronger than us and physically superior to us."

Messi was declared fit by doctors just hours before kickoff. "He started with the starting eleven, but he didn’t play", observed the newspaper "el pais". Messi covered three kilometers less during the game than the bayern-cracks arjen robben and franck ribery. Why tito vilanova loved to play the striker through 90 minutes, although the argentinian dragged himself across the pitch after his muscle injury, probably only the barca coach knows. "We didn’t know what substitutions to make," admitted co-coach jordi roura.

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Scooter,bike,car,bus:who benefits in the crisis

scooter,bike,car,bus:who benefits in the crisis

Suddenly everything was relaxed: no more crowds on subways and buses, no more traffic jams on the way to work, no more tourists on e-trams blocking the already narrow bike lanes. The corona crisis has turned the way of moving upside down.

Many people suddenly started working at home. They only went out to shop. Streets, burgersteige and cycle paths remained largely empty.

What especially coarse city dwellers may have found pleasant despite all the stresses and strains, posed considerable problems for providers of transport services. Despite empty vehicles, the public transport system (opnv) continued to operate – and thus made massive losses. E-scooters, which used to be on every corner by the dozens, disappeared from the streets. And even car-sharing services and rental-bike providers saw a drop in demand, at least at the beginning of the crisis.

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Sapist most valuable german company

Sapist most valuable german company

According to a study by the auditing firm pwc, the software company SAP is the most valuable company in germany.

With a stock market value of just under 104 billion euros, the walldorf-based company takes first place ahead of siemens (94 billion euros). Euros) – followed by volkswagen and allianz insurance. The pharmaceuticals group bayer, which topped the list in 2014, now ranks fifth with 80.50 billion euros. According to a study, the hundred most valuable german companies have increased their value by a total of 33 percent since 2014.

However, the german leader SAP was unable to secure a place in the european top 10. Here, the british-dutch oil group shell is in first place with a stock market value of 213 billion euros, followed by the swiss groups nestle and novartis.

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