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Corona default fund planned “as soon as possible

Corona default fund planned

Federal states want to use a fund to help the TV industry financially in the event of corona-related shooting accidents.

A spokeswoman for the state chancellery of north rhine-westphalia, as the lead state, told the deutsche presse-agentur in response to a question: "the intention is to set up a contingency fund as soon as possible, in which a number of countries will make substantial contributions, but also the broadcasters will make a relevant contribution in the event of damage, in order to safeguard the diverse TV production landscape even in times of a pandemic."

The television and production industry has long called for such a contingency fund. It is a question of absorbing costs in the event of a rupture in rotation. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there have been numerous filming stops, some projects have been postponed. Production gradually started up again in summer.

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Scooter,bike,car,bus:who benefits in the crisis

scooter,bike,car,bus:who benefits in the crisis

Suddenly everything was relaxed: no more crowds on subways and buses, no more traffic jams on the way to work, no more tourists on e-trams blocking the already narrow bike lanes. The corona crisis has turned the way of moving upside down.

Many people suddenly started working at home. They only went out to shop. Streets, burgersteige and cycle paths remained largely empty.

What especially coarse city dwellers may have found pleasant despite all the stresses and strains, posed considerable problems for providers of transport services. Despite empty vehicles, the public transport system (opnv) continued to operate – and thus made massive losses. E-scooters, which used to be on every corner by the dozens, disappeared from the streets. And even car-sharing services and rental-bike providers saw a drop in demand, at least at the beginning of the crisis.

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Escada se files for insolvency

Escada se files for insolvency

Fashion manufacturer escada SE is insolvent and has filed for bankruptcy. The application was filed with the district court in munich on tuesday, the company announced on wednesday.

According to this, christian gerloff was appointed as preliminary insolvency administrator. Business operations are to continue until further notice. Other companies in the group are not affected, according to escada. Escada SE is, however, the central operating unit of the group.

The management’s goal is to continue business operations within the framework of a restructuring program that has already been initiated, escada explained. "We will try to create clarity very quickly about the future options that the company, as an essential company of the escada group, has when viewed realistically," explained the insolvency administrator. In addition, the company intends to begin negotiations "without delay" on the prefinancing of insolvency payments for the 180 employees affected at the head office and in eight plants in germany.

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Important challenge for artists in the corona crisis

important challenge for artists in the corona crisis

The foundation of the sparkasse bamberg for art, culture and the preservation of historical monuments has poured out over 150,000 euros at the first award ceremony this year. The cultural workers of a total of 49 projects from the city and district of bamberg can look forward to receiving funds.

"The corona crisis is a particularly difficult time for artists and cultural workers, as events and exhibitions are only allowed to take place to a very limited extent and thus sources of income are missing. With the funds from our foundation for art, culture and the preservation of historical monuments, we are happy to support cultural diversity in our region. Art and culture make an important contribution to identification with the community", according to chairman of the board stephan kirchner in the press release. All the requested projects were of high cultural quality. It is enormous how much work and commitment is in all, also a lot of voluntary work. All initiatives have contributed to a high quality of life in the bamberg region.

Due to the corona crisis, the bamberg savings bank has increased the foundation’s disbursement volume to a total of 500,000 euros for this and next year. The next application date is the 30th of march. September 2020.

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Hot air? How the energy balance of heating mushrooms stands

Hot air? How the energy balance of heating mushrooms stands

The association for the preservation of the bavarian tavern culture wants it. And the hotel and restaurant association (DEHOGA) anyway. But the fact that even parts of the green party and the federal environment agency consider it acceptable is new.

We’re talking about the mushroom heater – long pontificated as an "energy guzzler" and "climate saver", but now the hope of many restaurateurs in the corona winter. With a heater it is possible to stay in front of the pub or restaurant even in cold weather. In times of pandemic, it opens up an alternative to indoor spaces where the risk of infection is considered high. In addition, heated outdoor areas create additional space for innkeepers. On saturday, the "handelsblatt" reported that the heating mushrooms are even to be demanded by the federal government. But what about the energy and greenhouse gas balance of the emitters?? And what does it mean when more and more municipalities overturn their ban on mushroom heaters??

First, there are the numbers: a typical commercial propane gas heater with a heating capacity of eight kilowatts blows around 2.2 kilograms of CO2 equivalents into the air per hour, according to calculations made by the karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) for dpa. This also includes emission values for the production of propane gas and the transport of the gas cylinders to the gastronomes.

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China’s economic data unravels – slowing momentum

China's economic data unravels - slowing momentum

In china, disappointing data on industrial production and retail sales have provided indications of a slowdown in economic momentum.

In july, industrial production increased, according to the national statistics office. However, the year-on-year increase was 4.8 percent, while analysts had expected a stronger rise of 5.2 percent.

The downturn was even more pronounced in the retail sector. Here, the statistics office reported a year-on-year decline in sales of 1.1 percent for july. Analysts, on the other hand, had expected a slight increase of 0.1 percent, marking the first time this year that retail trade had returned to the growth zone.

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