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Anyone can change the world

Do you really need a new cell phone every year?? Do you have to fly thousands of kilometers away on vacation?? Are there also fairly produced fubballe? These questions are the focus of attention this week at the forchheim herder grammar school. The "worldfairanderers" from the youth welfare office of the archdiocese of bamberg are guests.
The project teaches the students about a fair world or environmental protection in work groups. The working conditions of jeans workers in southeast asia, the enormous water consumption of cattle fattening, and the threat of bee mortality.

A sustainable world

Principal ingrid kafferlein believes it is important to inform students at an early stage about how they can make a small contribution to a fair, socially just and sustainable world. "That's why I'm very happy that the project of the archdiocese is a guest here", she says "maybe one of the schoolchildren will get involved in this area later in his professional life. And if this is where it starts, that would be wonderful."
The topic is also important to school spokesman cedric meyer. "We are always trying to put these ideas into practice at school, too," he says, he says "for example, we recently organized a campaign to make as many trips as possible by bike."
The project comes at just the right time to deepen our understanding – for example, of how many rare raw materials are contained in a cell phone and under what cruel working conditions they are sometimes extracted. "You don't always need a new cell phone, says the school spokesman. Regional dean and city pastor martin emge agrees: "my smartphone will soon be eight years old and it works perfectly." He is also pleased that this ecclesiastical theme has now not only arrived in schools, but is present everywhere: "pope francis calls the earth a common house. Just like in a real house, everyone has to take care that it is stable and does not fall into disrepair."
For this reason, the youth office of the archdiocese has also made the topics of sustainability, social justice and fair trade central themes in its youth work. "For me, this is also "living gospel", says youth office director and diozesan youth pastor norbert forster "that's why i'm always happy when the project stops in a new place." The "worldfairanderers are visiting three schools in the archdiocese of bamberg this year
also for the member of the state parliament thorsten glauber (freie wahler) the topic is a heart concern. He drops by the school with a fairly produced and traded soccer ball under his arm. "Surely it's not always easy", he says, "for example, if you sit in an electric car in winter with a pointed hat and gloves so that the battery lasts until you reach your destination." But the contribution of each individual pays.
The people responsible for the project see it in a similar light. It is not important to change one's whole life. "We are not dogmatic, says joachim waidmann, who is in charge of the project as a consultant for the pastoral care of schools at the youth welfare office. But as albert schweizer said: 'the little you can do is a lot', he says.That is also our motto." 

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Grobmeisterin to guest in lichtenfels

Grobmeisterin to guest in lichtenfels

If this is not a treat for the friends of the royal game: next saturday the best german chess player for about 15 years, elisabeth pahtz, will be guest at the SV seubelsdorf for a simultaneous event on 30 boards.

For its 90th anniversary this year, the chess club from the lichtenfels district wanted to set a sporting accent. At the meranier-gymnasium lichtenfels everything will revolve around the 32 figures on the 64 fields from 1 p.M. Onwards.

Game review in advance

"First of all elisabeth pahtz will give a one hour presentation of a current game", says the second chairman of the SVS, kilian mager, who has made all the preparations with his team. "We probably don't promise too much when we predict that you will certainly get remarkable insights into the psychology of chess in general, the thought processes of a women's grandmaster in particular as well as into many other aspects of our board game which otherwise often remain hidden."

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Burgers criticize the kindergarten container

burgers criticize the kindergarten container

New burgers’ reception, the mayor’s report, the honoring of deserving burgers and, finally, questions from the 200 or so visitors: the burgers’ meeting in the marktstetten sports hall on thursday evening lasted almost four hours and still had a lot to offer.

There was criticism of mayor thomas reichert and the city council members for the state of the kindergarten. The mayor had already mentioned this in his report, explaining that when the expansion of the kindergarten was completed in 2015, the space there had already become too small, and so containers were set up in 2016 as a temporary solution, and at the same time a new expansion plan was started. The problem, however, was that there was not enough space on the site and the elementary school next to it was to be renovated and included in the planning. Not an easy task, since various authorities had to be involved in the process due to the grants. But reichert also admitted that it would have been possible to act a little faster. In the coming days, however, there is an appointment with the government of lower franconia, which he wants to use together with employees of the administrative community, a city councilor and pastor peter stier as chairman of the sponsors’ association, in order to move forward in the process.

Despite these statements, there were a number of objections from parents, employees and even burghers, who spoke massively against the container solution. There was talk of a "shithole, of "unreasonable demand, of "musty smell" the speech and also stier appealed to mayor and council, kindergarten and school "absolute priority" to give. Reichert promised to keep the kindergarten staff in particular better informed about further developments.

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The grobheirather could soon be informed via a digital platform

the grobheirather could soon be informed via a digital platform

The official gazette of the municipality of grobheirath is to be available to burghers free of charge as of 2020. This wish had already been voiced at the burgers' meeting in neuses an den eichen, and the town council now passed a resolution to this effect at its meeting. "The days of paper media are over", said mayor udo siegel, referring to an offer from the publishing house linus wittich, which has a so-called digital package in prospect, in which the official gazette homepage, archive and its own app can be accessed. The app offered the possibility of installing a news ticker, and it was possible to publish pictures and texts that had no place in the print edition, even between the print editions. A read aloud function would also be possible.

The official gazette is currently distributed to around 650 households. Following the publisher's offer, a print run of 1215 copies could be distributed to all households. Printed on a somewhat better paper at a cost of 340 euros per issue, this makes 8840 euros per year for 26 issues. The cost of the aforementioned digital package is 1038 euros per year. The committee was quite interested; however, the municipal councils would like to receive a detailed presentation of the app. "Since other municipalities have also switched to providing their official gazettes free of charge, it would be unacceptable for readers to pay for the print edition while digital customers get it free of charge", the mayor argued.

All the wishes and suggestions from the town hall meetings in all parts of the town were presented to the committee for voting in bundled form. The council unanimously approved the administration's proposals, allowing a quick remedy in some cases.

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Rausch wants a place for the subdistrict in berlin

Rausch wants a place for the subdistrict in berlin

Thomas rausch is not a man who plays keep. That's why the newly elected chairman of the coburg/kronach SPD subdistrict set the tone for the offensive at the subdistrict party conference at the TSV sports center. In the municipal elections on 16. Marz keeping the number of district councillors, mayors and county councillors in the sub-district is not enough for the 54-year-old: "we want to win more mandate holders."

But, as rausch openly admitted in his introductory speech, the SPD was anything but convincing in the fall elections for the state parliament and the federal parliament. "These were not events to be remembered fondly", rausch told the delegates from the two counties of coburg and kronach.

The power of the vote
And nevertheless: the new subdistrict chairman also drew positive conclusions from the disappointing results. After all, the sub-district had achieved the best bavarian first-vote result for the SPD with norbert tessmer and, without a list candidate, a great second-vote result. Therefore, looking four years into the future, rausch also made a clear demand: the SPD in the coburg-kronach electoral district needs a promising place for its candidate on the bavarian state list. "It can't be that we get the votes and don't have a secure place on the state list", thomas rausch urged.

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The building sites in kups are not enough

the building sites in kups are not enough

Additional chairs had to be brought into the gymnasium, such was the rough response to the burgers’ meeting held at the school on thursday evening. While the explanations of the mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) were quite extensive, the contributions of the burghers were very limited.

Bernd rebhan reported on the current state of affairs in the second largest municipality of the district of kronach. It became clear that it is a challenge for the municipality to meet the demand for building land, to satisfy the wishes of those who want to build, and at the same time to eliminate vacancies within the town or to close building gaps. Rebhan spoke of a brisk demand for construction. At present, the "lohacker in burkersdorf 15 and with zettlitzweg/melanger four building plots were created. The municipality could sell more building sites than it has. They are willing to offer flat sites to prospective builders, but they should not always be on the green meadow. "We have to be very careful here – because we also have to watch out for the core locations."

In the designation of commercial areas, the municipality’s hands are tied to a certain extent due to the planning of the B173 and B303 roads, said the mayor. "We do not know what will happen next!" He briefly discussed the two smaller commercial areas in schmolz.

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Second language “no child’s play” even in the early years

second language

Bilingual children took longer than children of the same age to learn their mother tongue, hoff found.

Several studies showed that these children have a lower vocabulary in both languages and have a harder time with grammar. This could put them at a disadvantage in kindergarten and school, said hoff. The gap in grammar usually closes by the age of 9. Or 10. "Some children don"t even catch up with the vocabulary during this time," he says."

Hoff spoke as part of a series of lectures on the reasons for and risks of delayed language development. Six to eight percent of all young children take a long time to start communicating, regardless of country and culture. Linguists and psychologists at several u.S. Universities have therefore compiled a list of several dozen words that children should be able to master between the ages of two and two-and-a-half if they are developing normally.

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From sales child to respected entrepreneur

As horst hofmann on 7. Born in november 1938 in the braunau district of sudetenland, he had never dreamed of making it as an entrepreneur here in the frankenwald. Like many of his compatriots, he and his family were expelled by the czechs in august 1945 and came to bitterfeld via bad schandau and dresden. As luck would have it, his father ended up in wallenfels after his captivity. In february 1948, the family was reunited in the beautiful town of redachtal.

His father had set up a small workshop and repaired everything that came up. Horst had to help out until he got an apprenticeship in nurnberg. Horst hofmann always has fond memories of school and his apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechanic in nurnberg and his journeyman's examination in may 1959. In december 1961, he left the army and his bachelor's life behind him when he met a young, blond girl – his current wife helga. The two celebrated their wedding on 26. December 1963 in naila, and in may 1964 son bernhard was born, followed by son michael in may 1965.

Horst hofmann had finally arrived in wallenfels, passed the master craftsman's examination with flying colors and took over the service station and workshop on bahnhofstrabe at the end of 1969. This workshop is now being continued in its third generation. Although there is no longer a gas station, the workshop with service and sales is horst hofmann's pride and joy. Everything is "in safe hands" in the private sector, too. In december, the 80-year-old celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with helga.

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Why pit thinks his mother is the best

"My mother?", asks pit, looks briefly at the perky blonde woman next to him, grins his typical pit grin and confesses: "she means an awful lot to me!" A declaration of love. "I am always fully behind them", again, the 68-year-old makes this clear, referring to 37-year-old pit and his brother jurgen, who is a year older.

Pit then has to laugh because he still vividly remembers how his mother covered for him: it was back in his school days; he had broken a window with a snowball. The police brought him home and were greeted by inge aghakhan with the words: "leave my boy alone, there are other criminals", and threw the door shut. "Mother, you did a great job" he had commented at the time, "and already I’ve had a shell", grins pit. "But not in front of the police, his mother emphasizes.

"She fits, she just talks without a dot and a comma", he winks. He is also aware of another incident that illustrates his relationship with his mother. It was hiking day at school and the parents were supposed to come along. But both were professionals. Thereupon the boy had cried bitterly in the evening. What hit the mother so that she set everything in motion, called the boss, and then could still wander along.

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Survey: adults have confidence in next generation

survey: adults have confidence in next generation

A representative forsa survey conducted for the german children’s aid organization on the occasion of world children’s day this friday found that 69 percent of adults believe the younger generation can take responsibility for maintaining democracy in germany. In the last survey in 2016, the figure was five percent lower. According to the survey, young adults and people over 60 have particularly little confidence in today’s children and young people.

In the west, the belief in the democratic ability of the next generation is greater than in the east; it is greatest among supporters of the greens (86 percent) and lowest among supporters of the left and the afd (61 percent each). According to the vast majority (88 percent), the main responsibility for democratic education lies with the parents, ahead of school (69 percent).

Despite the increased confidence in the democratic ability of children and young people, the children’s aid organization appealed to parties, parliaments, governments and administrations to open up even more to young generations and to "create formats of co-determination and representation. "Democracy does not fall from the sky, but has to be learned anew by every generation. We still have to face up to this task for society as a whole," said the president of the german children’s fund, thomas kruger, according to a press release.

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